Monday, December 1, 2008

Needless To Say, My Coffee Tasted Like Crap

This morning, I wondered if you could make milk from cream.  My reasoning goes something like this: as you take more and more cream away from milk, you're left with skim milk.  Which is essentially water.  There might be some crap still left in there, but if you ask any whole milk drinker, skim milk is just cloudy water.

So, I thought, if you took cream and reintroduced some cloudy water and beat the hell out of it, would it turn back to milk?  Hmmm...  interesting.  So cream and water could achieve milkhood.  And likewise milk should be exchangeable with cream and water.  

For those of you who think you can tell where this is going, I didn't put water and cream on my Cheerios.  (though I have tried putting melted ice cream on my Cheerios in the past)  No, today was about trying to make cream from water and milk.  No cream for the coffee, so I made the coffee extra strong (decreased water in the coffee)  and added milk (increased water in the cream)  so that it should have all balanced out.

But it didn't.  Sometimes logic makes no sense at all.  

Can I share a double mile-stone with you?  Yesterday the kid ripped his first hole in the knee of his jeans.  Pretty cool, huh?  And then, as I was getting them ready for the laundry, I found a rock in his pocket.

Oh.  We're heading down a dangerous road.



Tara said...

Dispose of that rock quickly or it will breed. Like those little fluff ball things on Star Trek. I find rocks everywhere. And I do mean everywhere.

Lee said...

So Tara. So let me get this straight. Work gloves, work socks *AND* a thorough understanding of the nuances of Star Trek??? You wield the self-flattering-portrait-pen like a mighty sword.

But I acknowledge your wisdom. The single rock has become 6 in two days. Want to know the crazy part? Carol's responsible for bringing most of them in. Now I'm just waiting for when she rips her first hole in her jeans.