Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It Looks Too Ferocious To Have Been Just A Raccoon...

Me: Hey, Carol. I think there was a bear in the boy's room.

Carol: What? What are you talking about?

Me: I think a bear got into the boys' room and was looking for something.

Carol: ?

Me: Well, apparently the bear must have gotten into the house, made his way into the boy's room and... he really needed a diaper.

Carol: What? Oh, that. Shut up.

Me: Well, at least the kids are safe.

(You should see the cereal boxes when she needs her Raisin Bran fix.)

On a totally side note, does anyone else with a Diaper Genie automatically think "poop sausage" every time they empty it?

Or is it just me?


Erin K said...

I Always think "poop sausage" I actually got sick of the whole thing. Now I tie all diapers in those horrible plastic bags that I'm sure several environmental orgainizations want to throw blood on me for using. But anyhow I get them JUST for the poops, then they get tired up in there and go to the outside trash. I did cloth for a while but that had it's own horrors for me.

But I have a funny diaper story today too. I am a huge thrift shopper. Saw the diapers I like best in there this weekend. Ten dollars for a HUGE pack. So I got them. Well that was totally stupid. They smell just like a thrift store. It's a smell I like while shopping, but NOT on my kid every day. I sprayed them all with fabreeze, I hope that doesn't bother his skin. (he's 2 and has shown no skin issues) But anyhow if it's not one stink it's another.

This may be my first comment? Anyhow if so congrats on your baby and I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE JunkMail fan.

Lee said...

That was our previous system! We used to go through the "self-checkout" lane and put a stack of bags into a bag as we were checking out. (I fully realize this is one step away from pinching ketchup packets at Burger King, but parenthood makes you do crazy things.) Then at home, we'd just tie and toss.

But then we had two kids. And it got a bit much. And personally, I think Carol was kinda swayed by the whole "Genie" thing. (She believes it's magic. I see her rubbing it and waiting when she thinks I'm not looking.)

Tara said...

My SIL gave me a Genie when we had our first bundle of joy. I always thought it stunk so I gave it away. I also use the grocery bag system. I figure, if the diapers are going to take forever to break down, what does it matter what they're bagged in?
But I just use the bags I actually fill with purchases. I haven't resorted to pilfering bags just yet.
I had a friend whose mother used take the little sugar packets from restaurants and then empty them into the sugar dish at home. No lie. And she used to save all of the toilet paper when their home would get toilet papered by delinquents (us) to clean her windows with. They weren't poor. They were absolutely loaded. Wonder why.

Tara said...

Oh ... and that box looked like it had it coming. They can get be arrogant.

Carol said...

In my defense, some idiot had TAPED all the seams when they packaged it up. Who does that?

I've always been able to just rip the top open fairly easily. But this time, I only had one hand available, there was a lot of poop involved and I needed to get into that box in a quickness.

robamydownes said...

Ok the only thing worse than the over taped diaper box that you are trying to rip open with one hand, while holding a child with poop all over his butt with the other, is the toy box from hell. You know the ones. The boxes that only some sick twisted person made that has industrial strength tape, twist ties you need a hedge clipper to cut and screws to keep the toy in the box. I don't know about you, but I don't keep the tool shed in the car. So then when your two kids are screaming their head off in the parking lot for you to open their toy, you find yourself ripping the box with your teeth and hands like a rabid dog, and you are cursing the toy companies mother....yeah not one of my proudest moments

Erin K said...

I think pilfering extra bags is brilliant! We started using those reusable bags for a while and it felt all good until I had nothing to put my poops in. I was all, "Can you double bag that?" and eyeing stores for the recycling box out front for bags.

I think the only store I have with self checkout though is Costco and they don't have bags at all.

Also I HATE the people who package kids toys. I want to kick them in the shins. Also those plastic heat sealed packages that you can barely even cut open with scissors. Whoever designed those I would like to kick you too.