Monday, April 19, 2010

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind...

Inspired by the quintessential wedding reading, this card may be suitable as an everyday card for a partner with a sense of humor or possibly for that special someone who's taking just a bit too long to propose. You'd have to be pretty ballsy to use these as wedding invites, but how *awesome* would that be?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Home Office Redecorationpalooza 2010

What you're about to view may burn your retinas:

This was my office back when JunkMail Greetings was just a twinkle in my eye. Also, I clearly hadn't had kids yet because there was enough shit on the floor to choke all of the Gosselin kids. The office is made of solid redwood (I think?) so it was really dark and made me slightly claustrophobic. I have some other 'before' shots of the office, but to be honest, I'm too ashamed to post them. They're that bad.

Would you like to see what it looks like now? Welcome to the Ikea showroom!

Wanna know a dirty, little secret? Behind the shelves you see below is a fireplace. Yes, I have a fireplace in my office *and* I covered it up. All the years that I've had this office I think I only used it once or twice. Plus, it was taking up some major real estate. By covering it up, I gain an entire wall's worth of storage. Plus, when the wind changes and I all of a sudden must. have. a. fireplace. in. my. office, I can just move the shelves.

I used a pretty fabric from Joann's to line the back of the shelves. It creates a ton of visual interest and it also hides the above-mentioned fireplace.

I also set up a nice, little orders center next to my desk so that I can keep my shipping basics and orders all neat and tidy.

I painted out the bay window and made a bright and breezy area for the boys to hang out while I work. This window tends to attract a few ladybugs here and there, so they're usually climbing all over the place harassing their bug friends. The seat is the perfect height for Jack to stand and work on his important projects. It's also got a *sweet* view of the lake.

So there you have it. It seems all serene and lovely, but even as I type this, I'm yelling for them to stop pulling the curtains and throwing the books and drawing on the wall and smooshing the ladybug and knocking over the lamp and .........

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Should I Be Worried About The UPS Guy?

Do kids draw what they see?

I remember Jack used to draw people who were just heads. And I wondered if that was his perception. Do kids only see heads? Are torsos completely out of the range of recognition?

Slowly the heads grew arms and legs. It was a huge day when he drew the grandma from "Sid the Science Kid" complete with glasses.

The other day a friend sent me to this site. They take kids' drawings and have artists professionaly render them. I want to send him one of Jack's pictures and see what he can do with it. Maybe I'll send the one where Jack has drawn a family portrait, but replaced me with the UPS guy.