Saturday, April 4, 2009

Maybe We'll Get To Meet Disney When They Thaw Him

I've always wondered what it would be like to travel into the past.  Primarily, I wonder how I would exploit it for my own gain.

There are some things that are no-brainers.  Invest in Microsoft.  Pick up a few first edition comics and rookie hockey cards and tuck them away for safe-keeping.  Don't buy an 8-track tape player or a Beta VCR.

I'm not that technically or mechanically inclined, but I wonder if I could "invent" a Blackberry or a Roomba.  

Anyways, I think Ray Kurzweil is from the future.  He's a rather nutty computer/artificial intelligence guy who makes these predictions about the future.  His track record has been decent, and he's made a few million bucks in the process.  And according to the wiki, he's friends with Stevie Wonder.  Who could ask for more?

But I was listening to an interview with Ray yesterday and he predicts that in the year 2045 we'll essentially be able to overcome the limitations of the human body through nanotechnology.  We'll have little robots flowing through our bloodstreams, fixing whatever's wrong and making things generally better.  Reversing aging, curing cancer, zapping sunspots, etc.

2045. He's very specific about it being 2045.

It's a 36 year wait, people.  We just have to make it another 36 years.  And then we'll be around for eternity.

Try not to die in 2044, okay? Man, would that ever be a gyp.

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