Friday, April 3, 2009


As anyone who knows me or follows me on Twitter or facebook, knows we've had a rough winter when it comes to illness in the house. Jack's got a lovely case of Strep that is sucking the life out of me, let alone him. But it really is amazing how one moment, they can be a rousing bundle of energy, and then when nighttime comes, they're sweaty, feverish and crying in your arms about how they're "soooooooo hot, mommy".

I've devised a system of jelly-bean rewards since Jack's taking so much medicine. When he sees me drawing up a dose of evil antibiotic, he automatically puts his hand over his mouth and his eyes get really wide. The jelly-beans make it a bit more tolerable. The downside to this technique (besides the awesome nutritional profile, of course) is that if you've got a kid that won't eat anything, but is still managing to get some sugar-bombs in him, he turns into a complete maniac. One minute running loops around the house, the next minute, laying in a heap on the couch. The joys of parenting.

I'm hoping to get posting a bit more in the next week or so since we've got the Stationery Show approaching quickly. Hope everyone's staying healthy and happy and if you've got any advice for a streppy-toddler, pass it along!


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