Friday, April 10, 2009

I Vote "Stupid"...

When I was little, long before the onset of political correctness and Bugs Bunny bans, we played a game called "Guns".  Essentially, it was a ghetto version of paintball, but without the paintballs, so therefore based rather heavily on the honor system. 

And thinking back, the game didn't have much to do with aim either.  It was actually more like a game of visual tag.  All we really had to do was sight someone and yell, "Bang!  Got you!"

I can't tell if we counted as imaginative or just stupid. 

At first, I was going to make fun of the fact that we couldn't come up with a more inventive name than "Guns", but then as I was comparing it to "paintball" I realized that maybe shooting games just don't need fancy names.

I remember on one particular occasion, we were informed midgame that someone had called animal control on one of our dogs.  (Are we starting to sound a bit "Little Rascal"ish yet?)  The game stopped and all the players of both teams, dead or alive, came out to set up an "armed" barricade.  We hunkered behind bushes and garbage cans, just waiting for anyone to dare try and take this dog.

Again.  Imaginative or stupid?

I wonder what would have happened had an actual person shown up.  But we never got to find out.  Hours passed and eventually moms were yelling from porches.  We trickled off with our plastic chromed six-shooters and spared some unsuspecting dogcatcher a story he'd tell his grandkids.

And as I read about these Somali "pirates" , I can't help but see some similarity.  4 guys in a lifeboat versus the U.S. Navy.

Imaginative or...

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