Thursday, January 8, 2009


As promised, here are some photos of the renovations that occurred over the Christmas break. First off, here are some 'before/after' pictures of the bedroom (oh, the horror):

The 'nook' before (Lee's responsible for the extra-fancy ceiling border.)

and after:

Here's a shot of part of the closet/storage before:

and after:

The wall next to the bed:


This is the brick fireplace wall that I was talking about. I don't think I have any befores because the whole project was a bit of an afterthought. The pictures were taken in semi-dim light and I haven't yet learned how to play with the settings on the camera to make things look pretty. That would take way too much brain power.

opposite wall in same room (kiddo play area is hidden behind the couch)

And one of my favorite spots in the house.... would make a great bar, no?

And my $0.99 Ikea find in the clearance bin.... go me:

I'm hoping this will be the first installment of quite a few projects I've got going on. The next one will either be the Florida room or my home office.... oh, the suspense.

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