Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Blog Post...

Can fish have a personality?

Carol bought the kid a blue male betta fish for Christmas. I don't like the fish.

It's not that whole "sensible", "reasonable", "logical" dislike of fish in general.  It's not the fact that you can't pet it or walk it that makes me dislike it.  It's not the fact that it can't do tricks that makes me dislike it.  Or the amount of work with no gratitude that makes me dislike it.  

I just don't like the fish.

He seems snobby.

And not just your run of the mill, nose in the air, snobby.  It's almost like a weaselly kind of snobby.  Like if you saw Dustin Diamond at the mall and yelled, "Hey, Screech!"  and he just gave you a look and kept right on going into the Old Navy Outlet Store.

It's exactly like that.  It's like I'm getting dissed by Screech in my own house twice a day.

And then I read that these things can live *years*.  Which seems like an awful long time to put up with this.

But a part of me hopes he makes it that long.  Because by that point, I'll probably be getting more sleep, returning to semi-sanity and not trying to pick fights with him quite as often.

It's only fair that he gets to see my good side before I flush him.


Tara said...

We've had a few and they don't live that long. Hope that puts a smile on your face.

The Sweet Jelly Bean said...

Put a mirror up to his tank - passive aggressive to the max!

Lee said...

Oh! That is so hilarious! WAY beats my idea of lining the bottom of the bowl with cardboard and challenging him to a throwdown. Much more underhanded. I like the way you think.