Saturday, May 10, 2008

Petsmart for Potty Training

Carol's been telling me about something called "elimination communication".  Basically, it's when you take the diaper off the kid, let him run around naked, and watch for the times he goes to the bathroom.  It's supposed to help with potty training.

I'm not sure if "communication" is necessarily the right word.

It seems kind of messy, so I'm trying to convince her to wait until summer when we can put him outside.  Pee freely, nekkid nature boy, pee freely.

I already have an area all set for him.  I killed the patch of grass last year and have the seed put down, so the lawn will be fresh and new and pristine.  I figure my neighbor's dog always goes for my nicest area, so outdoor poopers must have a thing for good turf.

As I was laying down the new seed, I thought maybe it would be nice if I put up a little fence to keep him safe.  Then the bigger picture flashed before me, and I realized that a naked 2 year old crapping in a fenced-in pen might draw some unwanted attention and social worker visits.

Accordingly, that corkscrew anchor thingie with a leash would probably be out of the question too.

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jaymediane said...

My God, I so needed this laugh.