Sunday, May 25, 2008

If Only She'd Told The Cop She Was In Labor...

New York is a rather awe-inspiring city and sometimes it amazes me how different ways of life evolve in different places in the world.

For example, the pre-emptive honk was something that I've only ever encountered in New York and always struck me as terribly efficient.  The cabbies don't wait to find out if you're gonna be asleep on the green.  They honk *before* the light turns green, just to make sure you're alert enough to go on the green when it comes.

I love that.

We were awfully lucky that a similar phenomenon doesn't take place on the sidewalks.  Carol has four weeks to go before the kid gets a brother, and walking posed a bit of a challenge.  And I'm not sure if you've met many women with four weeks to go, but I think if anyone were to honk at her, they would probably end up dead.  Or with urine on their shoes.  Either or.

I now know what "ambling" is.

But pregnancy didn't make the whole trip slow.  Don't ask Carol about the $163 ticket she got in Pennsylvania.

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