Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Dollars Would Be About Twenty Bucks Now With Inflation. That Ain't Bad.

My dad was big on diaries and goals and plans. Looking back, he was doing a lot of the new crap that schools do now, except he was doing it in the 70's. And back then, we hadn't yet invented the manly title of "journal", so the thing I wrote in was called a *diary*, plain and simple.
Excerpt: Dec. 26, 1978 (I was 6)

Daddy, I will try my best to not fight with my sister. And I will try my best to not shout. And to not get mad so fast. And be a good boy because, last year I had a lot of toys from santa. (sic) But this year I only got two dollers. (sic)

This entry has led me to three conclusions that I would like to share with fellow parents:
1) Kids, even first graders, could spell waaay better in the 70's.
2) Guilt trips work great on little kids.
3) Even little, fighting, shouting, anger-management needing, money-grubbing kids can turn out to be semi-respectable adults. Don't sweat it.

By the way, have you entered our contest? C'mon. You must've gotten a worse present than "two dollers" that you could tell us about.

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