Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Bet Herbie Hancock Had A Hard Time...

They once did a study on whether or not your name would have any determining factor on who you became. 

I have a friend who's always joked about naming a son "Sue".  He said it would build character and probably toughen up the kid because of all the fights he would end up getting into.  And I wonder.  Being a boy named "Sue" has to have *some* effect.  Maybe it *would* make you tougher.  Or at least have a better sense of humor.

Or maybe it would just make you hate your dad.

Most of us don't get to pick our own names, but in this digital age we get to pick our screen presences.  And I'd love to see a study on how these names reflect our personalities.  Because they are *chosen* by us.  There *must* be a correlation.   Even if you take the "Susan64782" that AOL gave you because you're so damn unimaginative, it still says something about you.

And these days, our screen names can be used almost as often as our real names.  Yesterday I was watching the news and they were going through viewer's email comments.  There was one very serious comment signed off by "BigGurlzWitBrowneez".

Oh, it makes you wonder.

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