Friday, November 20, 2009

...And May Allllllll Your Christmases Be Short.

Hey *Mocha*! You know. That's pure genius. I should have timed one of the boy's birthdays to be on Dec. 1. One month of Christmas and that's *it*.

Would you believe that when we got married, I "demanded" that Carol have any and all Christmas decorations down by Dec. 26th? Daunted by the prospect of such a tight deadline, we spent the first three years together with only two stockings on the fireplace and a creepy looking nutcracker on the mantel. Not even a tree! It was heaven.

But in the fourth year, a gust of "Who-the-hell-are-you-to-be-harshing-my-Christmas-mellow?" blew into the house. And the tree went up. And the wreath went on the garage. And cinnamon scented pinecones went on the heater vents. And none of it came down until around New Year's.

I admit I appreciate it now with the kids. Thanks, dear.

But anyways, Mocha, with your $50 credit to the JunkMail Etsy Shop, you can get your Christmas cards, maybe some bulk packs as Christmas gifts and even a birthday card for your son. (Though you might not want him to "screw the happy", y'know?)


The rest of you, thanks for entering! Make sure you're a fan on Facebook and possibly you could win the same thing as Mocha, but only one card at a time.


adora said...

My mom timed my birthday the day after Christmas. It's horrible. Get the fat man off my cake! Why are you giving me Christmas sweater on my birthday? Damn you regifters!
Please make a card about regifting!

Lee said...

Oh. It must also mean a lot of last-minute presents. At 70% off.

I think a regifting card is a great idea! We'll get right on it.

amanda said...

awwww. i thought with only 16 comments i had a good chance! :(
love your blog

Mocha said...

This is incredible! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. There are just no words for how this will be coming in handy. Thanks so very much!


Rebekah said...

Haha! OMG! I'm going to show this to my husband... He has let up a little (tiny) bit since we've had kids... but not much. He still expects that tree to be GONE as soon as the presents are opened!
Love the idea of a regift card too!