Sunday, October 26, 2008

Frugal Ain't The Half Of It.

I'm the ultimate in cheap.  Back in my old life, it was primarily driven by my need to "stick it to the man".  

I remember the first time I encountered the concept of "arbitrage".  Find something that's selling for less than it's worth.  Buy it.  Sell it for what it's worth.  The prospect made me drool.  I wasn't about adding value, creating benefit or being productive.  I just wanted to manipulate the system for my own gain.

And thus began my empire of "free after rebate" items.  I wasn't happy unless I was buying an item on sale, applying a coupon and then sending in a rebate.  I still remember that guy who bought a crapload of Healthy Choice puddings and got enough flyer miles to fly his family to Europe.  That guy's my hero.

I troll the deal sites.  My favorites?   and    (just for bragging, I scored a Canon SD1100 last night for 120 bucks.  I know that means nothing to you, but you have to trust me.  It's pretty stinkin' awesome.)

But I have a deal for you that's even better.  Hop on our Facebook page and sign on as a fan.  When Carol hits 50, she'll send everyone a coupon for a free card.  

No rebates or pudding required.  Sweet.  

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