Friday, October 17, 2008

Black Hole Thumb

I can't keep things with leaves alive. It's taken a VERY long time for me to admit this fact. I have dreams of having all kinds of beautiful, oxygen-enhancing greenery throughout my home.


When I realized that I was incapable of watering a plant, I decided to look around the house and see just how many fakey-fake plants were occupying space...

Virtually every room has its own little faux foliage collection. Lee reminds me intermittently of the dust collecting on all of them, but they still bring me a bit of joy.

And alas, the only living plant in my house:

Isn't she sad? I've had her for so many years.... She used to be gorgeous and full of flowers and large, waxy leaves. Now, she's just tired.

Too early to give the two-year-old some household chores? I think we'll start with watering plants.

1 comment:

michele bowman photography said...

i can't even keep fake plants alive. man, you have such a loser neighbour!