Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sometimes Your Words Just Hypnotize Me...

Carol believes that when you hate someone, often it's because there's something about them that reminds you of yourself.

I find this an intriguing concept.  I remember there had once been this psychological study done on the attractions of humans to other species.  And it turned out that there *was* a relationship between how similar an animal was to us, and how cuddly we believed it to be.  For example, we generally tend to find mammals cuter.  Think about it, tuna vs.dolphin.  Same basic shape, color and size.  Which would you rather have as a pet?

Anyways, so I thought back on some people who I've had an unnatural/unsubstantiated peevage for over the years. ( Unsubstantiated is key.  If you hate the guy who closed down your favorite summer camp so that he could make a race track *cough* Paul Newman! *cough*  that's totally justified. )

I remembered this guy that I used to run into at the bars when I went to bars.  I never talked to him, didn't know his name, but I hated him.  Analyzing the situation, I realize there might be some truth to Carol's theory.  He truly was a mirror.  A reminder of what I was one bad haircut, a little paunch, and a "Member's Only" jacket away from being.  He was my doppelganger, and I just wished he was cooler.

So in hating others, you are actually hating a little bit of yourself.

Carol hates Biggie Smalls.  Read into it what you will.

East Syyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyde!  

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