Monday, February 8, 2010

End-Fray. It's Awesomeness By The Bucketful In So Many Ways.

We've been considering coming up with a new line.  Something similar, but nicely (and nichely) complementary to the HateMail line.

HateMail was our baby.  It's what got us started.  We were HateMail, long before we were JunkMail Greetings.

But then we tried to look into the future and came up with the JunkMail brand to be the umbrella under which all of our products would stand.

And now we have a few different branches of products: HateMail, HateMail for the Holidays, HateMail Minis and JunkMail's Defined, Unsolicited and Invited lines.

And now we need a new one.

Brainstorming session.  (done while two kids are laying on the floor crying and yelling "Mine! Mine!")

 - something paper related - or even more specifically "junkmail" related.
        -flyer?  no.  insert?  no.  phone book.
                   - goddammit.  derail the train.  different direction.
- something print related - 
         -  ink.  press.   Gutenberg...   goddammit.
-  something elegant sounding.  maybe latin.
         - um..  I don't know any latin.  pax.  lux. veritas.  carpe diem.  pluribus unum.
                   - what about pig latin?
                                 - otesnay?  emomay?  goddammit.
- something signifying our second coming of HateMail
         - deux,  deuce
                   - maybe we can call it dooce, then call up dooce and tell her we named a whole card line after her and hope for free promotion?
                              - deux, deuce, douche.  goddammit. 
- something old and snippy sounding.  maybe an old lady's name.
         - mildred, gertrude, bertha, goddammit.

BREAK.  and so we stopped and took the children for random runs around the kitchen/dining/living room loop until the little one squealed to be put down.

And then it hits me.  End-Fray.  

"End-Fray!" I yell to Carol.  And the way she looks at me makes me put a big "goddammit" next to that one too.

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