Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bird Flu Tried To Help Me Out, But Failed...

I've always kind of subscribed to the theories of a man named Thomas Malthus.  In a nutshell, Malthus believed that overpopulation was the cause of all the terrible things in the world, which would in turn stem overpopulation.  Too many people, let's have a war, get rid of some people.  Too many people, oops there's a famine, get rid of some people.

That might be oversimplified.  With some paraphrasing.  I might have missed some important parts.  Or lost a bit in translation.  But it's the way I like it.

Those big events that wipe out populations are known as "Malthusian Crises".  There.  You've just received the Reader's Digest version of 2nd year economics.

I'm convinced that we're due.  Not that I'm all "sandals and a sandwich-board" and predicting the end of the world.  It's just that I've met at least three people this week who could use a good plague.  And thinking back, I think I'd met two the week before.

That's an alarming trend.  I might be encountering 11 jackasses a week by the end of the summer.

Where is the pestilence that will come to my rescue?  Antibiotic-resistant superbug?  Where have all the killer bees gone?

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